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I am currently sitting at my parents' dining room table drinking Swiss Miss, playing on the internet and watching the snow fall like crazy. I am going to be even happier in a few minutes when I put my pajamas on. :) It's definitely warm and fuzzy and in this moment I am deeply happy.

Also got a tree today for the house. I'm staying here tonight so we can have a big family breakfast in the morning and then decorate the house and the tree. I'm glad to still be a part of the festivities around here, it's one of the best places to be during this season.

I've put out the word that I'm doing wrapping for people this year for a little extra money. I wonder what you have to do to become a "professional" wrapper. :) That would be good. I like to do it and I can do a pretty good job, so if you or someone you know needs some
wrapping done and doesn't have the time or inclination let me know!

If we don't have snow for Christmas I am going to be sad. I am all excited that it's snowing now and I'm going to be so disappointed when it likely melts. YAY first snow though!

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